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Augmented Decay
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Transcending its physical existence, the Adelaide Milling Co. building and its surrounding conditions can be viewed in a metaphysical way.

The building and the site exists as something in its entirety, for all the history it holds and the industrial processes occurring over time, from the time of its construction at 1889 to the time of it is obsolescent and dysfunction, its abandonment and the becoming of an industrial ruin. The void of the building and its surrounding became the thingness of this place, which expresses genius loci – the spirit of the place.

The drawing attempts to investigate the state of decay of various aspects of the site, be it its physical state, environmental, social, political or economical value. Through a variety of line works and shades it also speculates the possibilities of new forces, and the interaction between the old and the new. Layers of structures, activities, movements, lives and memories are being added (and removed) to the place over time. The ordered geometries collide with displaced anomalies to generate unexpected qualities which projects possible programmatic architectural, landscape and urban interventions on a precious waterfront place to replenish the significant site with active urban life.

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