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Trying to understand the enigma of reality becoming a series of staged fantasies is the essence of HIVE – which acts less to define our reality, instead facilitating fantasy. HIVE seeks to provide an environment in which the miasma of media and the concurrent lifestyles of the people that consume them can be elevated beyond simple experience to the level of transcendent immersion.

HIVE is thusly named to consider the intensity of the immersive experience and the way that it can relate to the Japanese psyche - creating a fever pitch of activity that buzzes through the 24-hour cycle of Tokyo.

Intended to be non-referential, HIVE only represents only the traces of perceptions of Japanese ‘Otaku’ culture, created through method of free-drawing and manipulated by distortion and disjunction.
Featuring tectonic structures, plunging crevices, organic curves, sweeping planes and enticing apertures, HIVE provides a fantastical landscape set within the concrete host; intrinsically linked with Akihabara station.

HIVE aims to redefine its context, leaving the realm of geometric solids and morphing into a seemingly chaotic façade subliminally amplifying the intensity of the Media. HIVE is designed as the new concept of entertainment; staged fantasy: immersive, intense, manic and possessive as entertainment should be.