Dancing Rings

Adelaide is well-known for its planned grid within the city and parklands surrounding the city proper. In Colonel Light’s vision, the relationship between urban and nature is vital as they are interdependent to create a unique individuality for the city.

The Dancing Rings is inspired by the duality of Adelaide, in this case, the duality of straight lines and undulating curves, with the rigid city grid being intervened by organic shapes.

The notion of movement is explored in the form of how the pages of a book curve, fold and open with its central spine. The shapes are then translated into circles and put onto the site drawings to generate forms out of pure geometry.

This radical intervention dilutes the organic forms generated together with the existing buildings on site to form a new whole, keeping parts of the old whilst building a new layer of fluid spaces into and above Rundle Street.

The nature of the resulting undulating and dynamic form has informed the program of the new building as spaces for creative movements, and public spaces weave through the site and buildings across multiple levels to create more lively public rooms for the city.